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These 5 Coffee Substitutes Will Boost Your Energy Without The Caffeine

These 5 Coffee Substitutes Will Boost Your Energy Without The Caffeine
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Coffee lovers and those who are perpetually antukin can definitely relate when we say that we can’t live without coffee. It’s such a versatile drink that can be enjoyed while hot, iced, as a smoothie, and more. However, drinking too much caffeine also has its disadvantages.

According to a 2007 study, caffeine increases an individual’s alertness, which works by blocking the brain chemical that makes us feel tired, a.k.a. the adenosine. It also triggers our “fight-or-flight” hormone called adrenaline, which is why we tend to feel a boost of energy after drinking coffee.

While having enough energy can help us trudge through the day’s endless work and activities, high doses of caffeine can also lead to restlessness, nervousness, and anxiety. In fact, there is such a thing called “caffeine-induced anxiety disorder” recognized by the American Psychiatric Association.

“For healthy adults, caffeine consumption is relatively safe, but that for some vulnerable populations, caffeine consumption could be harmful, including impairments in cardiovascular function, sleep, and substance use,” says a 2017 study.

Furthermore, too much caffeine intake can cause fatigue and high blood pressure.

How much caffeine is “too much”?

Now, you don’t have to quit your morning coffee yet! In fact, drinking caffeine offers several benefits when done right. If your average intake is less than 400mg of caffeine a day (or one to two cups), this should not lead to serious health issues.

“Caffeine has been shown to be beneficial for your skin,” says dermatologist Gary Goldenberg. “It has antioxidant properties and has been shown to be anti-inflammatory.”

However, experts say than drinking more than 400mg of caffeine per day may result to adverse side effects.

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Caffeine-free substitutes

If you’re trying to lessen your caffeine intake without sacrificing the boost of energy you get from it, you can try out these 5 non-caffeinated drinks that can still give you that kick!

Coconut water

Aside from fresh coconut water’s sweet taste, it also contains electrolytes and potassium. Athletes like professional tennis player John Isner swears by it too!

“It is super hydrating and has kept me going in long matches and prevented me from cramping even in the hottest and most humid conditions,” he says.

Of course, it’s always best to drink fresh coconut water, but if you don’t have that option right now, you can also go for coconut water sold at groceries! Do note that they may include sugar, so reading their food labels is a must.

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Water with fresh lemon juice

There are so many benefits that come with drinking lemon water every day, you guys! It can boost your energy, hydrate your body, and improve the state of your skin. It’s an easy-to-prepare substitute for caffeine.

If you’re still not convinced: lemon is a good source of vitamin C, which is crucial in building a strong immune system (this is also super important during the COVID-19 pandemic). Just squeeze half of an organic lemon into a glass of water!

Ginger tea

We know ginger as a spice that can make our dishes even tastier, but it’s also good as a drink! When you’re feeling sick or under the weather, a hot cup of tea is what our body craves. Ginger tea, specifically, can help with the nausea that you feel when you’re sick, while also increasing your energy and attention.

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Peppermint tea

Aside from boosting our energy, peppermint tea is also known to relieve painful menstrual cramps, improve digestion, and relieve muscle tension and headaches. Plus, it also freshens your breath!

Unlike other types of tea, peppermint and ginger are caffeine-free, which means that you can reap all the energy-boosting benefits they have without the adverse side effects of caffeine!

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Gen Zers have been raving about the healthy (and yummy) kombucha drinks, that even BTS’ Jungkook has mentioned drinking them in his livestreams! But what exactly is kombucha?

Well, kombucha is a fizzy beverage made from bacteria, yeast, sugar, and tea. It usually has a citrusy taste with a hint of sweetness that balances the flavor.

According to an article by Medical News Today, kombucha drinks can be beneficial to liver, heart, and gut health.

“Some research suggests that kombucha, like other fermented foods, is rich in probiotics. Probiotic bacteria are similar to the friendly bacteria that are present in the gut,” says the same article. “Kombucha contains antioxidants that help fight molecules in the body that can damage cells.”

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