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May 13, 2020

LIST: Sectors Allowed Under ECQ, MECQ, GCQ

LIST: Sectors Allowed Under ECQ, MECQ, GCQ

Malacañang announced on Wednesday, May 13, that the following sectors may operate under enhanced community quarantine (ECQ), modified ECQ and general community quarantine (GCQ) from May 16 to May 31.

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Category 1 (All these sectors are allowed to operate under ECQ, MECQ, GCQ)

  • Agriculture, forestry, fisheries
  • Manufacturing of essential goods
  • Food and beverages (only non-alcoholic drinks)
  • Hygiene  (soap, detergent, disinfectant)
  • Medicines and vitamins
  • Medical products  (masks)
  • Pet food, feeds, and fertilizers
  • Hospitals and clinics (non-aesthetic – dermatological, dental, optometric, and eye, ear, nose, throat)
  • Essential retail (groceries. markets, drug stores) Laundry shops (including self-service)
  • Food preparation and water-refilling: take-out and delivery only
  • Logistics service providers (e.g., cargo handling, warehousing, trucking, shipping line)
  • Delivery services

The others are:

Category 2

These are the sectors allowed under GCQ with safety protocols but not allowed under ECQ. They are partially allowed under MECQ (minimum of 50 percent work from home, maximum 50 percent on-site).

  •  Beverages (alcoholic drinks)
  • Electrical machinery
  • Wood products, furniture
  • Non-metallic products
  • Textiles/wearing apparels
  • Tobacco products
  • Paper and paper products
  • Rubber and plastic products
  • Coke and refined Petroleum products
  • Other non-metallic mineral products
  • Computer, electronic and optical products
  • Electrical equipment
  • Machinery and equipment
  • Motor vehicles, trailers and semi-trailers
  • Other transport equipment

Other sectors include:


Category 3 sectors allowed under MECQ are rental and leasing other than real estate (e.g. vehicles, equipment for permitted sectors); employment activities. Those that will be allowed to operate partially are advertising and market research, computer programming, publishing and printing services including newspapers and books; film, music and television production; other activities like photography, fashion, industrial, graphic and interior design; wholesale and retail trade of motor vehicles; repair of motor vehicles, motorcycles and bicycles; malls and commercial centers (non-leisure only); dining and restaurants (no dine-in, delivery and takeaway only); hardware stores, clothing and accessories; mall-based government frontline services; bookstores and school and office supplies stores; baby care supplies stores; per food and pet care supplies; IT communications and electronic equipment; flower, jewelry, novelty, antique, and perfume shops; and toy store (Playground and amusement area will remain closed).

The only Category 3 sector not allowed under MECQ is barbershops and salons. 

Sectors that fall under Category 4 cannot operate in any quarantine scenario because they are considered non-essentials. Businesses that belong to the category are gym, fitness studios and sports facilities; entertainment industries like cinemas, theaters and karaoke bars; kid amusement industries, libraries, archives, museums, and cultural centers; tourist destinations like water parks, resorts and beaches; travel agencies, tour operators, reservation service and related activities, and personal care services like massage parlors, sauna, facial care and waxing.

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