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Is Hybrid Work Working?

Is Hybrid Work Working?


Even before the pandemic, I have observed shifts towards the implementation of the hybrid work model. Many chief executive officers (CEOs) and HR practitioners felt the need to reimagine their organizations as a physical workplace while recognizing the need for agility. This led big businesses to understand and adopt more flexible work arrangements. COVID simply accelerated that shift. 


Hybrid working is becoming the norm. By April 2021, several Philippine firms have been transitioning to some kind of hybrid arrangement which includes a combination of days when employees work from home and days when they have to report to the office. This is the central model, especially for companies with knowledge workers. Most HR practitioners I know personally are in favor of such arrangement.


But how is it working so far? How are the teams doing in terms of output and productivity? How is it affecting company culture? 


Needless to say, the hybrid friction isn't over. While employees were convincing their bosses to let them choose where to work in 2021, this year, the focus is on how to make it work. Workers must learn new skills that will help them to be agile and adapt in this new way of doing work. Business leaders, on the other hand, must create hybrid workplaces that ensure the efficiency and productivity of the teams, both in person and virtual, while enhancing organizational culture to help retain productive talent over the years. That means business leaders figuring out how best to manage both in-person and remote work without tolerating the establishment silos among teams. This is the ongoing challenge.


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About the author 


Boris Joaquin is the president and CEO of Breakthrough Leadership Management Consultancy, Inc. and is a registered Investors in People (UK) specialist and corporate educator under the Duke CE Global Educators Network (UK). Joaquin is also an accredited facilitator by the Blanchard Institute (US), and a Chartered Professional in Human Resources CPHR®. He founded the Project Purpose Team, Inc. and co-authored the book Project Purpose: Find Your Why to Find Your Way. Joaquin and his wife Michelle have two daughters, Ysobel and Julia.