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‘Very Sneaky’: Meet The Fan Who ‘Proposed’ To Harry Styles During His Concert

‘Very Sneaky’: Meet The Fan Who ‘Proposed’ To Harry Styles During His Concert
Harry Styles reacts as he realized that his Filipina fan Andreanna Pauleen Lagman was proposing to him during his concert last Tuesday, March 14, 2023 at the Philippine Arena in Bulacan.

“It feels so surreal.”

This was how Andreanna Pauleen Lagman described her short but fun and memorable interaction with Harry Styles during his concert last Tuesday, March 14.

Midway into his concluded concert at the Philippine Arena in Bulacan, the British singer, songwriter and actor took a brief intermission, which included reading select signs and interacting with the Filipino crowd.

One of the signs that Styles noticed was Lagman’s, which initially read “HELP ME PROPOSE.” For the element of surprise, she kept the two words of her sign folded, which stated “to you [Styles]” in calligraphy.

Little did she know that this would result in an interaction with the musician she admired since his One Direction days.

“Very sneaky, Andreanna! Very sneaky! I feel that we should get to know each other first. You seem like a lovely person, a wonderful, wonderful person. I’m very, very happy you’re here,” an amused Styles said after he read the sign and realized that his fan was proposing to him and not someone else.

In an interview with The Philippine STAR / OneNews.PH on Thursday, March 16, Lagman said that she still could not believe she was noticed by Styles out of the thousands of fans in attendance.

“It feels so surreal, out of thousands of people there plus i think he only read like two or three signs so parang to be picked, it doesn’t feel real…When that was happening, wala, I was just, is this even real?” she said. 

“I [have been] a fan [of Harry] since One Direction days, since 2010. To be up close and personal with someone you admire so much, it means so much to me. I was just really happy,” she added in English and Filipino.

After five years, the former One Direction member returned to the country for the Asian leg of his “Love on Tour" concert on Tuesday. It was his third visit to the country, and his second as a solo artist.

For nearly two hours, fans were treated to a mix of songs, and even a solo rendition of One Direction’s debut “What Makes You Beautiful” for his older fans.

According to Lagman, her goal was just to be noticed by Styles. Based on Styles’ previous concerts, Lagman observed that he would usually notice fans with marriage proposals. Examples were in Chicago in September 2021, Lisbon, Portugal in August 2022 and Brisbane, Australia just last Feb. 27.

“I baited him with my sign, with the ‘Help me propose’ (in capital letters) but it’s actually for him because I don’t have anyone to propose to and I’m still young,” Lagman said.

Lagman admitted she managed her expectations as she went to the concert because there were too many fans and she might not get noticed. She thought Styles would at least laugh at her sign, but ended up with a one-minute or so interaction with the star.

She said the “marriage proposal” was not her first option. She planned for a longer message, but realized that while Styles could read it, there would be no interaction.

Considering Styles’ tendency to react to marriage proposals, she ended up with a much shorter and noticeable sign, a decision that paid off in the end. 

“Considering the marriage thing, I was like ‘I’ll make this a proposal for him to interact with me.’ There, just help me propose but I have no one in mind so it’s going to be him instead. So there, I made the sign which was shorter and I thought gave me more chances of having an interaction with him,” she said.

On cloud nine

As it is, the concert is already special for Lagman, being a fan since day one, and this being her first time to watch Styles as a solo act. The interaction was a big bonus.

“The interaction was just so genuine and I was also so happy because he’s not here often. I never even thought that I would get to talk to him. There, that’s what happened,” she said as she recalled the event in a mix of English and Filipino.

She said the concert was also more meaningful because of her companions who included friends and cousins.

Lagman shared that she is still on “cloud nine” after how her concert experience turned out.

“I’m still on cloud nine. I cannot believe what happened and it hasn’t sunk in just yet. I haven’t cried because Harry left after the concert, but there were definitely tears of joy because the decision to go was worth it, and it was more than I can dream of I guess,” Lagman said.

“Like if you told me when I was younger if this would happen to me, I would not believe it. It’s such a chance encounter so yeah I'm really happy,” she added.



Another proposal

Lagman’s “proposal” was not the only one Styles noticed in Manila. Only a few steps away from her was an actual couple in Jeff and Michelle.

During the same break, Michelle flashed a sign which read: “Harry, my [boyfriend] said he will propose if you duet with him!!! MAKE IT HAPPEN PLS.” along with scribbled hearts at the bottom.

Just like in his previous concerts, Styles obliged. This led him and Jeff to sing “Sign of the Times,” Styles’ debut single as a solo artist in 2017.

Styles even replaced some of the lyrics, singing “Just stop your crying, it's a sign of the times/Because Michelle is marrying Jeff,” during the duet.

It was in the middle of the performance when Jeff asked Michelle, “Will you marry me?” before he went on to sing with Styles and the rest of the crowd.