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MIND S-COOL - The First Science & Art TV Show - Now In Its New Home Channels

MIND S-COOL - The First Science & Art TV Show - Now In Its New Home Channels

Usher in the new year by entering new ways to learn better! Make it happen when you tune in to the new home channels of MIND S-COOL TV (MSC TV), a breakthrough science and art program that started amidst the pandemic. MSC TV connects you with science and art to have an even better normal.

Genuine learning in the twenty-first century requires a mix of platforms which includes set-ups aside from the classroom, with or without a pandemic. The Bonifacio Art Foundation Inc (BAFI) created MIND S-COOL (MSC) – a concept marketplace of science and art ideas - as BAFI’s contribution to not only adapt to the new normal but also to seize the opportunity to fill the gaps in the basic education courses across age-groups towards a direction that will help create a citizenry who will act to restore us to an even better normal. Inside this “marketplace of science and art ideas” are MSC TV, MSC Online and other “mind boutiques” that help us learn better.

For MSC TV Season 1, set in the huge and exciting galleries of our science basecamp, The Mind Museum, as the new “dream school”, it aims to empower the learner-viewer to discover his/her own mind in learning in connected ways across topics, essentially bridging the sciences and the arts for its viewers.  It does this by connecting science and art to other things happening in the real world and how learners could help make the world better, knowing those connections.

This year, BAFI’s MSC TV partnered with Cignal TV, the country's #1 Pay TV provider in the Philippines with its nationwide coverage and availability serving over 3 million subscribers.  MSC, starting with Season 1, will now be available through multiple channels and platforms below: 

Colours Ch. 202 HD and 60 SD, SATURDAYS, 9:00 a.m. 
One PH Ch. 1, SUNDAYS, 10:00 a.m.
Streaming for FREE on Cignal Play
Mind S-Cool YouTube Channel

We are very excited to deliver MSC TV in its new home channels in Cignal with its wide reach, so that the Filipinos students who do not have online access, which is the majority, will learn in ways that speak to them as Filipinos while connecting them to universal human traditions of science and art. TV viewing also presents a unique chance for guided family viewing – so that we could  build a shared reality based on the lasting insights from science and art.”, says Maria Isabel Garcia, Managing Director of BAFI.

As the most updated educational program for TV, that are also strongly tied to the K-12 curriculum set by the Department of Education, MIND S-COOL TV, Season 1’s first episode is entitled “What in the World is Going On?” to explain the pandemic beyond the news headlines. All episodes will be in Tag-lish.

MSC TV Season 1 has 2 permanent main characters called Mind Movers of The Mind Museum. Each episode is an exciting adventure for these main “questers”, guided by awesome mentors to solve different challenges, acquire rewards, and develop a sense of connectedness across the different topics and continuity of the learning journey across the whole series.

In each episode, they will be visited by interesting and engaging personalities from different industries helping them unveil the answer to all connected questions via engaging ways like experiments, show-and-tell with exhibits and illustrations, stories, and even difficult conversations.

It also features virtual visits from rockstar scientists and other interesting characters set in their professional spaces to enlarge your sense of wonder about the world and the universe.

MIND S-COOL has another “wing” -  MIND S-COOL Online -  that features detailed explorations of specific topics in the K-12 curriculum in science and art and will always engage the learner in 3 main dimensions:  The Nature of Things (What is it?), Science and Technology (How do we know/do it?) and Real World Relevance (Why is it relevant/useful?). Access to MSC online is via subscription basis.

Garcia summarized why BAFI pursued MIND S-COOL despite the tough financial and logistical challenges: “Because it is our purpose to deliver science and art and 2020 gave us the perfect vision to deliver learning for a better normal. We owe it to the ones who helped create The Mind Museum and the BGC Arts Center and to the ones who have supported those institutions through the years, to continue our mission to champion learning the sciences and arts despite the challenges. We all know without a doubt, that science will solve this crisis and the arts indeed, make the wait inspiring and transformative. We need to count on learning the sciences and the arts, perhaps now more than ever.”