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6 Online Shops Where You Can Get Nipple Covers, So You Can Go Bra-less Every Day

6 Online Shops Where You Can Get Nipple Covers, So You Can Go Bra-less Every Day
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There’s something about unhooking your bra after a long day of work and responsibilities that just makes you feel so free. While there isn’t really enough evidence to suggest that wearing bras for long periods of time has negative effects, it does cause a bit of discomfort for some people.

With the pandemic keeping most of us stuck in our homes, a lot of women have opted to free the nipple! However, between endless Zoom meetings and receiving package deliveries occasionally, the constant putting-on-and-taking-off of bras can be quite a hassle. If you feel the same, nipple covers are here to the rescue. 

Nipple covers or pasties are designed to provide you with coverage and freedom of movement without the hassles that come with wearing a bra! They’re very easy to put on and allows for a much wider range of outfit choices, from strapless tops to backless dresses. A nip slip while you’re on the go is one less thing for you to worry about.

For these reasons, more and more women are making the switch. If you want to start living a bra-free life, these online shops got you covered!


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Tapies is a local brand used by a lot of personalities such as Dani BarrettoKelly Misa, and Angel Dei. Created by our YouTube bestie Rei Germar, Tapies’ seamless nipple covers are made of reusable silicone and comes in five shades that cater to all Filipina skin colors-- Milk, Soy, Oat, Almond, and Espresso.

Tapies acknowledges that each person has a different boob shape and preference, which is why they offer you two types of nipple covers—Cover-Ups and Stick-Ups. Their Cover-Ups, for only Php 299, are perfect for all boob types, fashion choices, and occasions, even for swimming and high-level activities!

For pointy boobs and a more comfortable option, you can go for they Stick-Ups for Php 349. All pairs come with a beautiful packaging and case to protect your tapies.

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They also offer boobie tapes in the shade Cream and Coco for more versatile options.

For orders and inquiries, message Tapies on Instagram or check them out on Lazada.

Breast Friend

Looking for much affordable options? Breast Friend’s nipple covers may just be the right one for you. For only Php 230, you can get your very own pair in the shade Creamy, Latte, or Double Shot. Each pair also comes with a hard case to keep your pasties safe!

For first-timers, Breast Friend is definitely worth the buy. 

For orders and inquiries, message Breast Friend on Instagram or check them out on Shopee.

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Easy Peasy

Going bra-free is made even easier with Easy Peasy’s nipple covers. The covers are so thin and seamless that they won’t be noticeable even when you’re wearing a white shirt.

Their Skinny Nipple Covers, priced at Php 349, come in four inclusive colors—Cream, Nude, Tan, and Dark Tan.  Recently, Easy Peasy released Skinny Nipple Covers to cater to those who have more sensitive skin!

Easy Peasy also offers XL Lift Nipple Pads in Cream, Nude, and Tan for Php 399 each. Unlike the regular nipple covers, these pads will help with lifting sagging breasts and create a deeper cleavage for those with smaller boobies.

Aside from nipple covers, you can also take home Easy Peasy’s Life & Budget Planner and Do-It-All Daily Bag for Php 599 and Php 299 respectively.

For orders and inquiries, message Easy Peasy on Instagram or check them out on Shopee and Lazada.

Prive Fashion Tape

With Prive’s huge collection of seamless and breathable nipple tapes, you’ll never want to wear a bra again! Prive’s Seamless Nipple Covers are priced at Php 350 and comes in 5 shades—Light, Cream, Ivory, Brown, and Choco.

To cater to all boob types and preferences, they offer a variety of other nipple covers such as the Adhesive-free Nipple Cover, Ultra-thin Nipple Cover, and Mini Silicone Nipple Covers that come in different fun shapes.

Prive also offers boob tapes, breast lift tapes, and multi-purpose styling tapes to solve all your fashion needs. 

For orders and inquiries, message Prive on Instagram or check them out on Shopee and Lazada

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Barebone’s mission is to empower women by encouraging them to make the switch to nontraditional undergarments, all while elevating their style and comfort.

Solid Color Covers are priced at Php 280 each while Moonshape covers are priced at Php 269. For Super Seamless Nipple Covers, it will cost you Php 395 for an 8-cm pair and Php 460 for a 10-cm one.

To further their dedication in catering to your feminine needs, Barebone also offers boob tapes, shape shifters, and even period undies.

For orders and inquiries, message Barebone on Instagram or visit their store.

Taped Nipple Covers 

Be comfy all day even when you’re on a budget with Taped’s affordable nipple covers! For only Php 160, you can go bra-free with your seamless, self-adhesive, and reusable nipple covers. Their nipple covers come in 4 shades—Vanilla, Latte, Mocha, and Espresso.

You can also go the extra mile and maintain the cleanliness of your nipple covers with the Taped Adhesive Soap. One or two drops of this will help remove dust and cloth residue from your nipple covers, available for Php 110.

For orders and inquiries, message Taped on Instagram or check them out on Shopee.

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