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September 18, 2020

MediCard & Getz Pharma: Together In Caring For People's Health

MediCard & Getz Pharma: Together In Caring For People's Health MediCard Lifestyle Center is MediCard’s flagship clinic located on Paseo cor. Gil Puyat St., Makati City

MediCard, one of the leading HMOs in the country, is picking up its pace in assisting companies during this challenging situation, which gives its client-companies and their employees some peace of mind to get going despite the uncertainty.

Getz Pharma, one of MediCard’s client-companies, shares how its five-year partnership with the HMO brand has proven their shared value on people’s health.

Getz Pharma is an international branded generic pharmaceutical company specializing in quality and affordable medicines certified by the World Health Organization (WHO). It currently operates in more than 25 countries in South Asia, Central Asia, South East Asia, the Middle East and Africa.

Being a pharmaceutical company, Getz Pharma wanted a business partner that is equally focused on health care and safety.

Oscar Medenceles, HR head of Getz Pharma

“Our organization, through our partnership with MediCard, shows that it values its employees and is more likely to attract, retain and motivate them in the long run. We have the same passion for disease prevention and wellness,” shares Oscar Medenceles, Human Resources (HR) head of Getz Pharma.

Medenceles admits that the crisis has put their company off course and shook their confidence. Struggling with the uncertain, they felt the need to remind themselves and everyone why they exist, and how they can adapt.

And while the management focuses on “innovating and running the business with agility while uniting everyone remotely and socially distanced,” it’s encouraging to know that health-wise, they have a trusted HMO to take care of them.

“As times are uncertain, businesses should not take their health coverage for granted,” says the HR head. “They may view health coverage as an expense rather than a necessity and might realize that they made a mistake too late. Getting a health coverage can be complicated but it should not be too far from any other decision a smart business owner has to make.”

Even before the pandemic, Getz Pharma has been partnering with MediCard on health programs such as flu vaccination. It helps that the HMO has a growing number of easily accessible and well-equipped clinics and laboratories in key locations.

Then there’s MediCard’s MACE App and telemedicine which make easier for Getz Pharma’s employees to adapt to the current “socially distant” environment.

“We uphold various health programs and promote the use of MediCard clinics and telemedicine, which keep our employees healthy and strong despite the threat of a pandemic. MediCard also gives us confidence in times when it is most needed, making sure that we have the hospitalization coverage during emergencies and in times of sickness,” Medenceles furthers.

He says that their company’s partnership with MediCard has continuously grown through the years, and their common objective of preventing sickness has resulted to a well-managed utilization.

Thus, Getz Pharma recommends MediCard to other companies still searching for a partner HMO.

“To make it easier to decide which one is right for you, you need a balanced and real review of the options that would be best suited for your needs and your budget, and all important considerations. These include the network of clinics, doctors, dentists and hospitals and a noteworthy customer experience,” he caps.

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