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May 30, 2020

LIST: How To Help Out Even If You’re Staying At Home

LIST: How To Help Out Even If You’re Staying At Home

The coronavirus disease 2019 (COVID-19) has affected the world in various ways. As society grapples with the pandemic, local and international governments are faced with the task of protecting society. In the Philippines, the government has placed the country under quarantine to curb the spread of the virus.

As a result, our normal routine is currently experiencing a drastic shift. Work, school, and leisure activities are confined within the corners of our own homes as we hope that things will eventually go back to normal. Despite this, the Filipino bayanihan spirit remains strong through various online initiatives.

Here’s how you can help healthcare workers, frontline workers and communities affected by the lockdown: 


 This initiative is organized by the Every Nation Campus University of the Philippines Diliman (UPD) branch to provide essential goods for those living at UP Diliman Office of Student Housing.

Who will I help?
UP Diliman student dormers

What do they need?
Resident’s needs:

  • Drinks and dairy (Fruit juice, 3-in-1 coffee, milk, chocolate milk and probiotic milk)
  • Canned goods (Sausage, corned beef, meatloaf, pork and beans)
  • Toiletries (Shampoo, soap, toothpaste, feminine wash, sanitary pads, deodorant, toilet paper)
  • Snacks (Biscuits, chips, bread, microwavable food, spreads, cup noodles, instant noodle packs, candies, chocolates)
  • Cleaning materials (Laundry soap, bar soap, dishwashing liquid)
  • Medicines (Paracetamol, mefenamic acid, antihistamine, loperamide, antacid, multivitamins)
  • Protection (Insect repellant, personal alcohol)

Office of Student Housing admin’s needs:

  • Cleaning materials (detergent powder, bleach, sprayers, garbage bags, hand soap, disinfectant sprays)
  • Common-use equipment (washing machine, microwave, percolator, rice cooker, refrigerator, chiller)
  • Health (thermal scanners, lots of alcohol, surgical mask, surgical gloves, insect repellant sprays)
  • Recreation (board games, craft materials, etc.)

Send your donations to:
UPD Trust Fund
Landbank - 3072 1007 18

After donating, send a copy of the deposit slip with your name to with the subject ‘Donation to Dormers’ or to a specific UP dormitory.

For more inquiries, contact:
Jo Esteban - (0917) 510-3351 or (0998) 985-1906
Maricel Rodriguez -


 This initiative aims to help urban poor communities living along Leveriza in Malate, Manila who are affected by the enhanced community quarantine (ECQ). 

Who will I help? 
Urban poor communities at Leveriza in Malate, Manila

What do they need?

  •  Rice
  • Vitamins for adults and kids
  • Multivitamins
  • Canned goods
  • Cup noodles
  • Soap
  • Alcohol
  • Face mask

Send your donations to:
Erick Caevine B. Solas 
BPI - 2759 1020 13

Food, medical, and sanitation supplies can be sent to Arvin by contacting him at (0918) 560-7444 before dropping them off at 2078, Leveriza, Malate, Manila.

 COFEED-20: Community Feeding Program 2020

The Community Feeding Program 2020 (COFEED-20) aims to help informal settler families living under the Sauyo and Talipapa bridge in Quezon City.

Who will I help?
Families living under the Sauyo and Talipapa bridge

 What do they need?
Food donations

Send your donations to:
Alexandra Alonzo Abenojar
BPI - 2389 0649 23
PNB - 1087 1001 8552
BDO - 0030 0057 5272

You can also drop off your food donations at Madcafe Congressional Avenue, Quezon City and look for Gila Salvador.

Juan Day More

 According to student Mich Clemente, Juan Day More was an opportunity to apply what she and her batchmates learned from the Lasallian Leadership Journey program. The project started when they found out that some hospitals in Las Piñas don’t have enough resources.

Who will I help? 
Medical frontliners, security personnel and hospital staff

What do they need?
Food packs and other important necessities

Send your donations to:
Mildred Melissa Jane Saquing
BPI Family Savings - 6586 2842 05

John Geoffrey Olaviar
BDO - 0082 3005 7120

Kawanggawa para sa Manggagawa

 One of the initiative’s organizers, Kenneth Montoya, said that “Kawanggawa para sa Manggagawa” is organized by a group of friends who wanted to help construction workers stranded inside the UP Diliman compound since the ECQ was implemented.

Who will I help? 
Construction workers

What do they need? 
Relief packs and veggie packs

Send your donations to: 
Kenneth Montoya
BDO - 0054 4023 6180

Christiane Alvano Oriano
BPI - 0579 1510 99

After donating, send a proof of transaction or deposit slip to Kenneth Montoya, Christiane Alvano Oriano, and Paul Garence P. 


 In a Facebook interview with PusoKitchen project lead TJ Malvar, he always wanted to start a soup kitchen to help his community. Due to the implications of the ECQ, he decided to put his plan into action with the help of his family and friends. The initiative functions as a “community kitchen” to serve meals to the less fortunate.

“‘PusoKitchen works as a ‘whole community’ initiative, pero ang lead talaga is Mount Purro Nature Reserve (MPNR) foundation. The cooking and preparation of meals is done by my mom while the manpower is skeletal MPNR staff and barangay volunteers,” Malvar shared.

Who will I help? 
Families living at Barangay Calawis, Antipolo City; but as of this writing, the initiative has been expanding to other remote barangays in the area.

What do they need?
Cash donations to buy ingredients and basic food essentials

Send your donations to:

 MPNR Foundation Inc.
BPI - 9811 0007 84

After donating, send the deposit slip to

Sagip Frontliner

 As shared by project founder Joshua Jawod, “Sagip Frontliner” was launched to help frontliners and severely affected families. He tried to volunteer at his local government unit (LGU), however it posed risks for volunteer work. As a result, he created an action plan and submitted it to his LGU as a layout for the initiative. 

Who will I help? 
Affected families, PWDs and frontline workers including healthcare staff, tricycle drivers, vendors, street sweepers, traffic enforcers and police officers deployed in checkpoints

What do they need? 
Rice, alcohol, face mask, canned goods, instant noodles, hand soap

Send your donations to: 

Joshua Andrei A. Jawod
BDO - 0084 5010 8506

Sikla 13 Oplan COVID Bisig

 The online initiative was organized by the batch 2013 graduates of Statefields School in Bacoor City, Cavite. According to project head Micha de Jesus, the initiative started after she messaged the batch president if they can organize a donation drive to help indigenous communities and healthcare workers. As of this writing, Sikla 13 Oplan COVID Bisig is currently at its second phase. 

Who will I help?
Healthcare workers 

What do they need? 
Cash donations for personal protective equipment (PPE) sets

Send your donations to: 

Micha De Jesus
BPI - 2849 1800 56

Katrina Baligod
BDO - 0009 0084 2857

Alyssa Patrisse Alonzo
PNB - 1888 1071 6800

After donating, send a proof of transfer to or at the following numbers via Viber (0915) 349-8012 (for BDO and BPI donations) and (0917) 122-1944 (for PNB donations).

Tara, Tulong Tayo

 As shared by student Jian Tan, the online initiative started when she and her friends brainstormed on how to help communities affected by the lockdown. The supplies will be distributed by their partner organizations Federation of Persons with Disabilities, Kasalick Association, Inc., SAGIP Mandaragat and Lingap Community-based Rehabilitation Center. 

Who will I help?
Low-income families residing in Bulacan, Caloocan City, and Batangas 

What do they need?
Food, medicines, disinfectants, and sanitation supplies 

Send your donations to:

 Vishal Sanjay Kumar 
BDO - 0064 7802 7171
PayPal -

 Carlos Gabriel King
BPI - 8299 1237 16

Tiny Helpers PH

Coming from the phrase “small acts of kindness,” the initiative is a team effort by co-founder Erika Garcia and her friends. They felt the need to help various communities affected by the lockdown. Even if the pandemic ends, Garcia said that they want the platform to continue helping others. 

Who will I help?
Healthcare workers, garbage collectors, delivery riders and their families

What do they need? 
Cash donations, food donations, and PPEs i.e. face masks and face shields

Send your donations to:

 Erika Alyana C. Garcia
BDO - 0044 4012 6319
BPI - 3939 3387 63
Paymaya - (0917) 158-0221

For food donations, you may contact the Tiny Helpers PH Facebook page, Messenger, Instagram account or email


Despite the ongoing pandemic, count on Filipinos to always find a way to help the community in various ways. There may be boundaries between communities at this time but the bayanihan spirit will always shine through. Choose to #StaySmart and rely on Smart’s connectivity solutions in order to reach out to various communities and far-flung areas.

Visit for more information. You may also check out the hashtag #StaySmart on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

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