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February 22, 2021

Inewvation International Launches Arktura And Muratto

Inewvation International Launches Arktura And Muratto

Inewvation International opened 2021 unveiling 2 new brands for architectural designs—Arktura, and Muratto. These global solutions providers are now joining INNCOM-Honeywell under Inewvation International’s new product lineSustainable Building Solutions.


Arktura specializes in acoustic design solutions with an expansive library of sound attenuating products. This includes ceiling clouds and baffles, and interior and exterior panel systems, with high and new standards of design aesthetic, adaptability, and product quality.

Pioneered in New York in 2008, Arktura primarily aims to bridge the gaps between design intent and manufacturing capabilities, and combine cutting edge technology with a deep understanding of design by elevating the places where people live, work, and play.


Established in Portugal back in 2013, Muratto is a provider of acoustic panels and design blocks with natural surface designs. It works with sustainable organic raw materials to produce high quality natural biodegradable wall coverings.

Muratto’s main differentiation is its sophisticated and innovative design that is guided by its vision of sustainable growth, relying on four main values: Natural Lifestyle, Design, Sharing, and Interior Comfort.

The 2 brands are exclusively distributed by Inewvation International, catering to Hospitality, Corporate, Health, Food and Beverages, and Retail. To know more, connect with us on our social media accounts, or visit

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