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Want To Turn Your Memories Into An Artwork? Here Are 6 Pinoy Artists Who Can Make Custom Digital Art Starting At P40

Want To Turn Your Memories Into An Artwork? Here Are 6 Pinoy Artists Who Can Make Custom Digital Art Starting At P40
Image by @artbykrizel @_jay.arts @draft.aaartt / Instagram

To state the obvious, Filipino artists are incredibly talented and they deserve more recognition than they are getting. During the quarantine, we have seen different passion projects from people who are slowly discovering their skills and talents in the arts. Thankfully, social media has made it easier for artists to showcase their work.

Some of them are also open for commissions so you could bring their art home, whether digitally or physically. Turning memories into art has been a rewarding trend for creatives. Here are some Filipino artists we spotted on Instagram that you might want to hire:

Jay Arts

Jay is a self-taught artist who does custom illustrations that can be a perfect gift for your friends or for your family. They are open for commissions worldwide because they only do digital or soft copy art. Jay specializes in vector and line art.

You can avail a flat illustration for only Php 120, a shaded illustration for Php 150, one with a detailed background for Php 250, one with a flat background for Php 100, a mosaic vector for Php 300, a plain line art for Php 100, and a colored line art for Php 120. He also offers detailed pet illustrations for Php 200, plain pet illustrations for Php 100, and a pet mosaic for Php 250.

Check out Jay Arts on Instagram.

Artsthetic Finds

Artsthetic Finds is an art shop started by artists Johanna Opeña and Greta Galo in 2020. They also specialize in vector art. Artsthetic has collaborated with different businesses such as Lamp Art, Sober Art Manila, Printerella, Case It, and She Kinda Loves Art.

You can avail a no face illustration for as low as Php 40 per head, one with outlines for Php 30 per head, minimal art for Php 90 per head, and one with face for Php 150 per head. They also offer Korean Art for Php 40 per head, line art for Php 50 per head, minimal pet portraits for Php 50, semi realism pet portraits for Php 150, and product vectors for Php 100. You can also add Php 50 for a cartoonified background.

Check out Artsthetic Finds on Instagram.

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Vector Art PH

If you’re looking for the perfect birthday, anniversary, or Christmas gift, you might want to follow Vector Art. They don’t only make digital art, they also offer printed artworks on a Sintra board that you can display in your home. They ship nationwide with a lead time of 1 to 2 weeks.

You can avail their simple vector art without facial features for Php 40 per head (half body) and Php 50 per head (full body). They also offer pet vectors for Php 100, and Php 150 if the image is of the pet and the owner. You can also add Php 150 for a detailed background.

Check out Vector Art PH on Instagram.


DNABLE is an art shop established by self-taught artist Dina Garcia. She opened the shop to express thoughts through art and to showcase minimalist, functional, and plastic-free products. Her vision is to enjoy the trend and art responsibly while empowering Filipinos. Part of their profit goes to Abe Balayan Project, a youth organization for students in the new normal. offers merchandise like mugs, tees, totes, and stickers, all within a price range of Php 25 to Php 250. Dina is also open to branding commission works. You can check her portfolio here.

Shop their merchandise on Shopee.

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Draft Art

Draft Art is an art account created by student artist Roxanne Agoncillo. Her cartoon-ish art style is young and fun. She offers printed art on Sintra boards or framed artwork that you can buy for yourself or as a gift to your loved ones. She has also partnered with different brands and events.

Draft Art has four art styles that you can choose from. For style 1, a solo photo costs Php 200 and an additional head will cost Php 90. You can avail style 2 (line art) for Php 230, and style 3 for Php 290. Style 4 costs Php 230 for a solo photo and Php 140 for an additional head.

Check Draft Art on Instagram.

Art By Krizel

Art By Krizel was started by Alecs Andaya so she could help her mom pay for hospital bills. Her mom was diagnosed with liver cancer in December 2020, and she wanted to assist with the very costly medical expenses.

She also specializes in vector art. You can avail a pet illustration (or one head) for Php 250, an illustration of two to three persons or pet illustration for Php 350. You can add an additional pet or person for Php 50 and a detailed background for Php 50.

Check Art by Krizel on Instagram.

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