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Staying Healthy Top Personal Concern Of Filipinos – Pulse Asia

Staying Healthy Top Personal Concern Of Filipinos – Pulse Asia
People wear face masks as they join a Zumba session at the Quezon City Memorial Circle on Feb. 21, 2021 amid the COVID-19 pandemic. Photo by Michael Varcas, The Philippine STAR

With the COVID-19 pandemic still threatening the global population, staying healthy and avoiding illnesses remain the most urgent personal concern among Filipinos, a survey conducted by Pulse Asia showed.

The survey, conducted from Sept. 6 to 11 with the results released on Tuesday, Oct. 5, showed that 70% identified their health and well-being as one of their three most urgent personal concerns.

It was four points lower than the 74% obtained in a similar survey conducted on Sept. 2021.

Prior to the pandemic, staying healthy and avoiding illnesses consistently ranked as the most urgent personal concerns among Filipinos, ranging from 61% to 68%  from 2016 to 2019.

According to the latest survey results, other urgent personal concerns include having a secure and well-paying job (47%), having enough to eat every day (46%) and finishing school or be able to provide schooling for children (43%).

Following these were having some savings (32%), avoiding a victim of serious crime (32 %) and owning a house and lot (30%).

National concerns

The respondents were also asked to identify their top three most urgent national concerns, with controlling inflation and increasing the pay of workers on top spots at 41% and 40%, respectively.

It was followed by controlling the spread of COVID-19 (29%), reducing the poverty of many Filipinos (29%), fighting graft and corruption (26%), creating more jobs (25%) and providing assistance to those who lost their jobs because of the pandemic (19%).

Other urgent national concerns include enforcing law on all people (15%), promoting peace in the country (15 %), addressing the problem of involuntary hunger (15%), fighting criminality (14%) and stopping the destruction of the environment (11%).

On the bottom of the list were reducing the amount of taxes paid (8%), defending the integrity of Philippine territory (5%), protecting the welfare of overseas Filipino workers (5%) and preparing to face any kind of terrorism (2%).

Across geographic areas, controlling inflation was the most urgent personal concern among respondents in Metro Manila (46%) and the rest of Luzon (42%), while it was increasing the pay of workers among those in the Visayas (47%) and Mindanao (40%).

The survey had 2,400 respondents and an error margin of +/- 2% at the 95% confidence level for national percentages.