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Scammers Using Lacson ‘Ayuda’ As Bait – Reporma

Scammers Using Lacson ‘Ayuda’ As Bait – Reporma
Presidential aspirant and Sen. Panfilo Lacson

Partido Reporma warned the public on Monday, Dec. 6, against “smishing” offering financial aid from its standard-bearer, Sen. Panfilo Lacson, as bait.

The party reported that Lacson has not been spared from the rash of “smishing” scammers or those using text messaging to extract personal information for nefarious purposes.

Partido Reporma urged the public not to respond to such dubious messages, whether through SMS (short messaging service) or messaging apps as Lacson would never authorize or condone such practice.

Lacson has also called on the National Privacy Commission to look more closely into attempts at digital vote-buying in the run-up to the May 9, 2022 elections, calling it a threat not just to the electoral system but to democracy itself.

In a picture uploaded on social media over the weekend, a victim of the scam showed a screenshot of a message from a person who introduced himself as a member of Lacson’s family.

The message sender said he was sending “ayuda” (cash aid) and the person targeted only needed to send his personal information to receive the supposed funding.

“Note: If you are interested to get that pls. reply your real name and followed by your complete address. Thank You,” the scammer’s text message read.

Based on the screen shot, after the victim sent his personal information, the scammer no longer replied.

Smishing or SMS phishing is the fraudulent practice of sending text messages, purporting to be from reputable companies or persons, to induce individuals to reveal personal information, such as pass-words or credit card numbers or, in this case, home addresses.

Lacson, meanwhile, urged government workers to perform their duties without expecting financial rewards.

In a speech during his meeting with public transport drivers and operators at their recently held dialogue in Centris, Quezon City, Lacson imparted one of the primary tenets in life that guided him throughout his law enforcement and legislative careers.

“We only did our duty. Hindi kailangan ng reward. Hindi kailangan ang mga pabuya (The reward is not necessary. There is no need for a prize money.)” – With Cecille Suerte Felipe