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PHILCOMSAT HOLDINGS Notice Of Annual Meeting Of Stockholders

PHILCOMSAT HOLDINGS Notice Of Annual Meeting Of Stockholders


Notice is hereby given that the Annual Stockholders’ Meeting (the “Meeting”) of Philcomsat Holdings Corporation (the “Company”) will be held on January 24, 2022 (Monday) at 10:00 a.m.  In the light of current conditions and in support of the measures to prevent the spread of Covid-19, the Meeting will be conducted virtually and attendance at the Meeting will be via remote communication only.  The Agenda shall be as follows:

  1. Call to Order

  2. Proof of Notice and Certification of Quorum

  3. Approval of Minutes of Previous Meeting

  4. Notation and Approval of Management Report

  5. Ratification of Corporate Acts and Resolutions

  6. Election of Directors

  7. Appointment of External Auditor

  8. Other Matters

  9. Adjournment

Only stockholders of record at the close of business hours on December 20, 2021 are entitled to notice of, and to vote at the Meeting.  Stockholders who intend to attend by remote communication are required to accomplish the Registration Form (downloadable from the Companys website at and submit it together with the required documents via email to on or before January 14, 2022.  The link through which the Meeting may be accessed shall be sent to the email address of the registered stockholder.  Stockholders may vote electronically subject to validation procedures.  The procedures for participating in the meeting through remote communications and for casting of votes in absentia are set forth in the Guidelines on Registration and Participation by Remote Communication and discussed in the Information Statement (SEC Form 20-IS).

If you are unable to join the virtual meeting but wish to vote on items in absentia in the Agenda, you may appoint the Chairman as your proxy with specific voting instructions which will be duly counted.  Duly accomplished proxies shall be submitted by email to the Office of the Corporate Secretary at for inspection, validation and recording on or before January 14, 2022.  The Proxy Validation Committee will inspect, examine, and validate the sufficiency of the proxy forms received.  

By registering to participate in the Meeting, a stockholder or a proxy of the stockholder agrees for the Company and its service providers to process their sensitive personal information necessary to verify their identity and authority. A stockholder who fails to comply with the registration requirement will not be able to participate in the Meeting. 

Stockholders (or their proxies) whose registration are validated can: (a) view the webcast of the meeting, (b) vote on the agenda items using the online ballot that will be sent to them; and (c) send their questions, comments or motions on the Agenda items during the Meeting by email to with subject “ASM Question/Comment”. Stockholders who will participate in the Meeting are encouraged to send their questions, comments, and motions on or before January 19, 2022. Relevant questions on the Agenda items will be read and answered by the concerned officers during the Meeting. 

The Definitive Information Statement, Management Report, Audited Financial Statements, Quarterly Reports as of September 30, 2021 and other documents related to the ASM, including the Guidelines on Participation by Remote Communication may be accessed: 

  1. Through the Company’s website at, 

  2. Through the PSE EDGE portal via or, 

  3. By requesting for a copy by sending an email to with the subject “ASM Materials”.

For ASM-related queries, you may send an email to with the subject “ASM Inquiry” or contact the Office of the Corporate Secretary at +632 8815-8406. For account updating or concerns regarding your shareholdings, please contact our Transfer Agent, Professional Stock Transfers Inc. (PSTI), at telephone no. +632 8687-4053 or via email directly to Ms. Jenny Serafica at email address: 

Makati City, November 25, 2021.



Corporate Secretary


Assistant Corporate Secretary