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Miss Globe 2021 Maureen Montagne: ‘This Is A Culmination Of All My Hardwork’

Miss Globe 2021 Maureen Montagne: ‘This Is A Culmination Of All My Hardwork’
Miss Globe 2021 Maureen Montagne. Photo from Montagne’s Instagram account

After almost 10 years of joining different pageants here and abroad, Maureen Montagne finally bagged a crown.

In a recent virtual interview, 28-year-old Montagne shared the sacrifices she went through before becoming Miss Globe 2021.

Montagne started her pageant journey when she joined Mutya ng Pilipinas in 2013 and ended up as first runner-up. Being Filipino-American, she then joined Miss Arizona USA in 2015 and was able to represent her state in Miss USA and ranked 15th. She was also a runner-up in Miss World America (2017) and Miss Eco International (2019).

Born on July 10, 1993, Montagne felt that at her age, being the Bb. Pilipinas – Globe 2021 and being able to go to Albania to compete in Mis Globe 2021 was her last chance to win a crown. She represents Batangas in local pageants.

“My journey wasn’t easy. Some people think I just showed up and won at the pageant but they don’t know that I’ve been a first runner-up so many times. This is a culmination of all my hardwork, the wishing, the praying,” Montagne said.

Montagne bested 49 candidates with her wit and charm. She is the second Filipina to bring home the Miss Globe crown after Ann Colis in 2015.

In Albania, pageant fans noticed that she was one of the favorite candidates since the day she arrived up to the preliminary activities and the coronation night itself where she was asked: “Do you think beauty is a merit and how can we enrich it with other values?”

She answered: “I think that true beauty comes from within. To be a Miss Globe is to be a beauty that inspires. What makes us beautiful is our smiles, it is what we do for our community, it is how we give back to others, and it is how we carry ourselves through lives. I believe that everyone has beauty inside of them and I believe it is our duty to share it with the world and to give back and to truly inspire others.”

From the moment she was crowned here in the Philippines to be the country’s representative in Miss Globe pageant on July 11, Montagne maintains a winning mindset and attitude.

“I wholeheartedly believe that I would be the best winner and I wanted to show everyone that. Even the organization said, ‘You really treated this as a job interview and we could tell that you’re focused and you’re so serious but you could still have fun,’ and that what really sets me apart.”

Montagne happily shared that the Miss Globe Organization gave her own crown following the coronation night in Tirana, Albania on Nov. 6. They create a unique crown for every winner each year.

Montagne’s crown is made of silver, ruby and sapphire. It costs around 3,000 euros or around P170,000 according to her interview with News5’s MJ Marfori recently.


Projects and advocacies

When the COVID-19 pandemic hit and lockdown was imposed in the Philippines last year, Montagne was in Siargao and got stranded there for six months. She, together with her friends, volunteered to serve at the Siargao Community Kitchen where they supplied meals for the medical frontliners and local community, hence her advocacy projects will focus on feeding the hungry.

“I’ve already been invited to Canada, Greece and back to Albania so that’s why I’m travelling, I will be volunteering and I have few organizations that I loved here in the Philippines. I have lots of charities that I will be working with this year.”

By winning the crown, she hopes that she will be able to reach more countries and charities for her programs.

“I think that’s one that sets me apart in the competition because I have the resume. I have the experience. You can’t deny that work. I really treated this as a job and I promised to myself and to the organization that I will be the best Miss Globe they ever have. You can’t just be a pretty face anymore. You need to inspire, you need to make people feel good. You need to leave people remembering you, leave them with a piece of good, a piece of love,” Montagne said.

“Don’t be afraid to chase your dreams. Your journey is worth it and when you (work hard), eventually you will see results so don’t give up on your dreams,” she added.