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Marcos To Investors: See ‘The Break Of Day’ In The Philippines

Marcos To Investors: See ‘The Break Of Day’ In The Philippines
Malacañang photo shows President Ferdinand Marcos Jr. speaking at a gathering of the country’s international trade partners in Taguig City on March 3, 2023.

President Marcos has expressed optimism that the Philippines would become a “destination of choice” when it comes to doing business, assuring investors that measures are underway to create an environment conducive for economic activity.

“As we step out of the shadows of the economic setbacks that we have experienced in the past few years, I invite you to see the break of day here in the Philippines,” Marcos said during a gathering of the country’s international trade partners in Taguig last Friday, March 3.

“In the years ahead, you will see that the Philippines will be a destination of choice when it comes to doing business – where innovation, excellence and sustainability meet with Filipino creativity and ingenuity to secure the needs of our time,” he added.

Marcos said he has ensured the implementation of initiatives aimed at making the Philippines an “ideal player” in the export sector.

He noted that local and foreign trade partners, organizations and other stakeholders play an important role in the country’s export performance.

The government, the President added, is creating high-value and competitive Philippine products and services that can serve the needs of consumers and producers worldwide.

“Various initiatives and reforms have likewise been made for an enabling environment for businesses,” Marcos said.

He cited digital transformation measures that seek to promote economic activity and make transactions faster and more secure, as well as efforts to improve the Philippines’ infrastructure and expand domestic capabilities needed to develop and grow the export sector.

“Our campaign to attract foreign investments is also aimed at facilitating technology and knowledge transfers to local industry and creating a robust export ecosystem within our country. We are also intensifying our trade promotion activities to help open opportunities for small businesses in the global market,” the Chief Executive said.

Marcos also gave assurance that the trade department would expedite the completion of the Philippine Export Development Plan 2023-2028 to implement a “holistic” plan that would align the priorities of stakeholders of the sector, produce quality export products and expand their reach across the globe.

“I know in my heart that the Philippines is a reliable partner and sourcing destination for various trade sectors such as home, fashion, lifestyle, food, creative and sustainability,” he said.