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Every Little Bit Helps: 5 Kind Gestures To Show Your Appreciation To Delivery Drivers

Every Little Bit Helps: 5 Kind Gestures To Show Your Appreciation To Delivery Drivers
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No job is probably as in-demand during these times as that of delivery riders. Delivery services are heaven sent during the pandemic, allowing us to do our grocery shopping, purchase items we need (and don’t need), and send care packages to our loved ones without stepping out of our homes.

This means that our delivery riders are battling with traffic, long queues, and the scorching heat (instead of us) just to bring us our needs. On top of those, they are also risking their health with the possibility of contracting the virus. True, it’s part of their job, but we can do small acts of kindness to help our delivery riders during these trying times, such as the following:

Claim your orders.

Unfortunately, there are heartless individuals who think it’s funny to pull a prank on the delivery drivers. In September 2020, 10 food delivery riders were scammed by someone pretending to be a customer, using an address that didn’t belong to him/her. Naturally, the orders, which had been paid for by the delivery riders using their money, were left unclaimed.

Let’s not forget that when using food couriers, our riders pay for the food on behalf of the customer. This means that if you cancel an order, you waste their money, their time, and their effort, when they are merely trying to do an honest day’s work.

Scamming people will never be funny, especially since these riders are trying their best to make a living. When placing your order, be 100% sure and show up.

Give them extra face masks.


Filipino geologist Mahar Lagmay shared a photo on Twitter, suggesting that those who frequently use delivery services give riders extra masks.

“You will notice that most of the delivery guys don’t wear masks, they just use those thin bandanas wrapped around their faces. If you have an extra mask, please do give them. Iba yung liwanag ng face nila every time they receive one, at sinusuot nila agad,” the post says.

Twitter user @ReddieFerdie came across this post and put it into action. “Saw a tweet yesterday about giving extra masks to delivery persons. Tried it this morning when I ordered food,” he says in a tweet. “[Ang bigat] when manong kept saying thank you.”

It may seem like a small gesture for us, but it can immensely help our riders. If you have an abundant supply of face masks at home, sharing a few won’t hurt.

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Offer them water.

We are all aware of the scorching heat this summer, even when you’re indoors. Imagine what it must be like for riders who work more than 5 hours a day on the road!

Kath, 21, always makes sure to offer delivery riders some water. “I personally order from Shopee and Lazada all the time, kaya madalas talaga may nagde-deliver sa bahay namin. We buy bulks of bottled water from the convenience store for Php 15 each bottle, sobrang laking tulong na nila sa riders,” she says.

If you don’t have bottled water at home, just offering to refill their tumblers would be a big help. “Based on my conversation with kuya, first two hours pa lang daw ng trabaho ubos na yung tubig nila dahil sa sobrang init. Nahihiya lang sila humingi,” Kath adds.

Go contactless.

We might have a choice to stay home, but our delivery riders do not. To help both parties reduce the risk of contracting the virus, let us use contactless payment options as much as we can.

“If you ordered from legitimate companies like Grab Food, Shopee, or Lazada, then it’s okay kahit hindi Cash on Delivery,” Kath says, adding that when picking up her orders from the rider, she always makes sure that she is wearing a face mask. “Sa panahon ngayon, kahit one minute lang ang interaction, mas safe ang pakiramdam ko kapag naka-mask talaga.”

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Tip the riders.

Food couriers are now offering services where you can “tip” your rider directly from their apps. You can select your desired amount for the tip, and it will be automatically added to your total bill.

However, if you are not comfortable tipping with money, food couriers also allow customers to order meals for their riders. Simply select the “Order for your rider!” option on your preferred food delivery application and choose the meal you want to purchase for your rider.

A single meal can fuel them to power through a tiring workday, and it only takes a few clicks.

Be humane.

We may sometimes forget that our delivery riders are risking their health just to earn a living and take care of their families. Treat them with respect, avoid cursing or shouting, and wish them well as they go on their way. It doesn’t take a lot to be a decent human being.

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