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Church Urges Faithful: Choose Saintly Over Spooky

Church Urges Faithful: Choose Saintly Over Spooky
An employee starts decorating a clubhouse in Baguio City for Halloween on Oct. 24, 2023. Photo by Andy Zapata Jr., The Philippine STAR

Manila Cathedral vice rector Fr. Vicente Gabriel Bautista said on Monday, Oct. 30, that the Catholic Church discourages the wearing scary costumes and displaying scary house decorations to commemorate Halloween.

“The Church does not support that kind of practice. What we celebrate here really is the history or memory of the saints on All Saints’ Day (Nov. 1) and our respect and devotion to our dearly departed ones on All Souls’ Day (Nov. 2),” Bautista said.

“We encourage, let us go back to the real meaning of ‘Halloween’ which is ‘hallow’ meaning ‘holy.’ Try to live in (saint-like) virtues, such as to be charitable, selfless for others, to be humble, to give our time and all our little ways of becoming holy,” he added.

Meanwhile, the Department of Health advised the public to bring their own water and food and avoid bringing small children to cemeteries to prevent injuries and overcrowding.

“There are still sporadic cases (of COVID-19) and increasing cases in some regions. Also, small children have low resistance against infections,” Health Secretary Ted Herbosa said in a statement. – With Rhodina Villanueva