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Artist Roy Espinosa To Receive International Award In Penang Art Fair In Malaysia

Artist Roy Espinosa To Receive International Award In Penang Art Fair In Malaysia
Roy Espinosa

Philippine artist Roy C. Espinosa will receive the Beyond Contemporary Art Penang  (BCAP) Award 2023 Art Legacy Award on Nov. 12 at the grand ballroom of The Wembley Penang in Malaysia. The awarding is part of the BCAP International Art Summit Expo 2023, which will run from Nov. 9 to 12.


BCAP is a fair that melds art, business and trade, tourism, and education in the Asia Pacific region. Ten countries are participating and over 400 artworks are on exhibit, spanning various styles and mediums.


Espinosa is founder of the Filipinas Institute for the Advancement of Arts and Culture (FILARTS), a non-profit organization promoting Filipino artists in the Philippines and abroad.


Espinosa has organized and promoted art exhibitions featuring Filipino visual artists; he’s mounted intercultural art exchange projects and art education programs in Southeast Asia.


As a visual artist, Espinosa has done acclaimed works straddling various modern idioms, from realism to abstract impressionism and surreal landscapes.


The BCAP Art Legacy Award Gala Dinner on Nov. 12 will honor artists and art stalwarts who have made major contributions to the art world while fostering global artistic collaborations.


Espinosa will be given the BCAP Award 2023 Art Legacy Award in recognition of his outstanding contributions to the world of art.


FILARTS has a booth during the BCAP art fair. Aside from Espinosa’s works, the FILARTS booth features the works of Celso Duazo Pepito, Manuel Sinquenco, Art Lozano, Fe Madrid Pepito, McViñas, Al Vargas, Lloyd Lusica, Ingrid Aimee Peñaflor, and Doodz Iligan.


The BCAP International Art Summit & Expo offers more than just exhibitions and art awards.


The BCAP Art Summit and ArtBiz features experts in the Asia Pacific art scene, discussing themes ranging from branding and AI to NFTs (non-fungible tokens) and their role in contemporary art.


The forum recognizes the growing intersection of art and technology, with platforms like taking center stage in discussions about the digital evolution of art.


BCAP Art Auction meanwhile provides a treasure trove for art connoisseurs, offering unique works of pioneering Malaysian artists and Straits Chinese porcelain artifacts.


In his remarks at the opening of the fair on Nov. 9, BCAP's founding president Dato’ Chng Huck Theng emphasized the four pillars of BCAP: “business, art, tourism, and education.”


“The melding of these domains promises an enriching experience, pushing boundaries and redefining conventions,” he said. “Set against the historic backdrop of Penang, a city with a rich artistic heritage, BCAP aims to be more than an event; it's a movement. A movement that galvanizes artists, business moguls, tourists, educators, and the general public into a cohesive community celebrating the boundless potential of art.”