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10 Facebook Groups Worth Joining According To Your Interests

10 Facebook Groups Worth Joining According To Your Interests

Let’s be honest, with limited outdoor time allowed, we spend so much time on the Internet nowadays that it almost feels like our virtual home and the netizens, though they be strangers, our friend. 

Thanks to Facebook groups, too, we are able to find kindred souls with whom we can share our interests and passions. They are also such a great resource for tried-and-tested products or services that you can just pose a question and you’ll likely get quality leads in a matter of minutes. If you’re looking for a fun group to join, Facebook has tons of them, too! Here are 10 Facebook groups you could check out.

Foodie? Join What’s your ulam pare?

Heads up, foodies! “What’s your ulam pare?” will surely make you hungry all day long. Here, more than 500,000 members share their daily food experiences, restaurant discoveries, recipes, and memes!

If you’re not sure how to cook a certain dish, just whip up a post and group members will come to your rescue. There is never a dull moment in this group!

Gaining independence? Join Ready 2 Adult PH

If you’re trying to navigate the “adulting” world, you are not alone. More than 42,000 members of Ready 2 Adult PH are experiencing the same thing.

This group is extremely helpful to those who are confused about management, starting a business, and personal finances.. Take in lessons gained from personal experiences of members about emergency funds, investments, as well as tips and tricks in establishing a small business.

If you want to ask adulting questions, but would like to remain anonymous, their #AnonAdult entries got your back! Honestly, the best way we can describe Ready 2 Adult PH is like getting an ate or kuya’s advice.

Redecorating? Join Home Buddies

This Facebook group is highly popular with 2.3 million members as of this writing. If you’re a home enthusiast, it’s very unlikely that you haven’t heard of Home Buddies. Here, group members usually post their before-and-after photos when decluttering or re-decorating their space, shopping finds, design ideas, and home inspirations.

Mondays are for “Monday Market,” where members can buy and sell home goods. However, this is the only day of the week where you can sell within the group. As stated in the Home Buddies page description, “Please don't turn this into a selling group to maintain fruitful conversations between home lovers.”

Note: Member request approvals are currently on hold.

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Just discovered podcasts? Join Podcast Recs Without Context

Podcommunity, rejoice! Those who love listening to podcasts can find hundreds of recommendations from this Facebook group with 2,600 members.

This was inspired by Facebook groups “skies without context” and “music recs without context”. But despite the name, group members are more than welcome to include context in their podcast recos!

Working your way to fitness? Join Lean with Lilly Guides

This Facebook group was created by fitness Youtuber and physiotherapist Lilly Sabri, and it now has 36,000 members. It is a community where you can motivate one another to start your fitness journey!

In the group, members post their progress photos, tips, and suggestions, with insights from Lilly herself. This is a perfect community for days when you are unmotivated to work out, because it’s like having a virtual fitness coach, with tens of thousand other best friends doing the workout with you!

Korean music lover? Join k-music recos cuz why not

If you are dipping your toes into the world of K-Music, getting song recommendations from other fans might be helpful. This Facebook group with 3,000 members is full of posts containing Spotify, Apple Music, and YouTube links to some underrated Korean songs.

You can find different genres here too: pop, R&B, hip-hop, and many more!

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Can’t make up your mind? Join Subtle Decision Making

We know that some of us can be a little bit undecisive, which is why Subtle Decision Making might be something you didn’t know you needed.

Here, you can post situations that you are having trouble deciding for, and 21,000 group members can comment their opinions so they can help you. Sometimes, group posters will ask other members to react certain emojis on their post, and the most emojis commented will be the decision.

What a way to utilize the Internet, right?

Movie fan? Join Movie Recs With Context

Now, if you are more of a cinephile or if you have just watched all the movies on your Netflix list, getting movie recommendations from close to 6,000 Facebook users with the same interests might help.

In the group, you can find film suggestions with their plot, cast, and trailer, so you can see if it’s something you’d like to watch! Definitely helpful for planning a weekend home movie date with your family!

Pet lover? Join Dogspotting Society

Furparents and dog lovers, this is the Facebook group of your dreams! Dogspotting Society has more than one million members, and the community is growing every single day.

It’s a cool place where you can post updates about your dogs, make friends with other furparents, and ask for advice on first-aid, pet toys, and other concerns.

You can also participate in their challenges, like the #UnflatteringDogPhotoChallenge (where you can share photos of your dog doing funny poses), the #FirstPicChallenge (if you have a new pet and would like to share their very first picture), and the #LookALikeChallenge (if your dogs have look-a-likes)!

If you’re in need of a mood lifter on difficult days, cute photos of dogs are more than enough!

Coffee addict? Join Kape Lovers

Yes, we all know there’s a whole community for coffee lovers like you! In fact, Kape Lovers has more than 100,000 members.

This Facebook group, created for coffee enthusiasts, is a place where you can share your favorite coffee recipes, coffee machine recommendations, and cafes that serve the best hot cuppa!

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